DMAE Cream for Younger Looking Skin Today

DMAE cream stands for dimethylaminoethanol cream. DMAE is a type of antioxidant base that is nonirritating and works in protecting skin cells and rejuvenating skin. DMAE cream is also thought to encourage the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, which is an important element of cell membrane. It is sometimes combined with amino acids and additional nutrients.

For instance, it is sometimes mixes with alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C and used to treat wrinkles and sagging areas around the eyes, which then produces results that make the eyes look less saggy and gets rid of wrinkles around the eye.

How does DMAE cream work?

Research studies have suggested that DMAE cream may be able to work to make a person’s skin more firm, smooth and also get rid of lines and wrinkles. It is often included in many different kinds of skin care products.

DMAE cream DMAE promotes acetylcholine production, which helps to create better muscle tone and flexibility of the muscles. If used on the face, this can give results similar to what is seen in a facelift.

Studies on DMAE cream also have shown that it cuts down on the buildup of lipofuscin inside cells. This substance is a pigment in cells that is made of pieces of molecular waste and it usually appears in older people’s cells. It is thought to contribute to what causes aging and older people tend to have it in their neurons, heart and skin cells.

Benefits of DMAE cream

In fact, a double-blind study was done using DMAE cream that was set to figure out if it is safe. The study found that it significantly improved the appearance of the skin. The study had 156 people in it who were tested at three different centers. They were treated for 18 weeks and evaluated every two weeks during that time period.

The people in the test had almost no irritation or dryness from using the DMAE cream, but it did work very well and showed significant value as an anti-aging treatment. Precisely, the skin was improved in the area of less forehead lines, less coarse wrinkles in the skin, the eye area, as well as the area of the lip and smile lines were less coarse or wrinkled, and the skin sagged less.

It was also found that it could work on other areas of the skin such as the neckline, jawline, thighs, buttocks, and other skin areas. DMAE cream was discovered to work fast and the results it caused lasted a long period of time. Results were seen in about 30 minutes after using it and after a few applications, the results lasted longer and longer periods of time.

Specifically it has been used on areas of the body such as the face and eyes and given results similar to a facelift, as well as used on the lips to make the lips look plumper, fuller and firmer. It has even been called the “facelift in a jar.”

It has also been used on the thighs and buttocks to help treat dimpling and can start working in as little as 20 minutes.

Who can use DMAE cream? DMAE cream for wrinkles

The research by doctor’s showed that DMAE cream can be used by people as young as in their 20s and that it is safe for just about any age group or for any type of skin, even if the person had delicate or sensitive skin, as it is non-irritating.

Is DMAE Cream Safe?

DMAE cream has been at length in skin care treatments as far back as the 19990s with little to no reports of any skin damages, so a major toxicity of it can most likely be ruled out.

However, a test done in 2007 using rabbits discovered that if DMAE was added to cultures of skin cells, which caused vacuolization of the skin cells, which means it had tiny holes in the cells. This study was done by the University of Quebec. It also caused the rabbit’s ear skin to get thicker and to swell up.

However, the conclusion was that the findings were not conclusive because the type of DMAE used was not the same kind used in creams and lotions in skin care products. Human trials have not been done in this area of study for this particular kind of test.

The bottom line is that use of DMAE cream may be beneficial in anti-aging treatment of the skin and can possibly give the same results as more invasive skin care operations such as face lifts. If you are interested in using it, you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist for more information about DMAE cream.